High-end swinging lounger for sustainable relaxation

Designed to recreate your mind. We help people to relax.

Cologne (Germany)

01-04 October 2020

Rapid meditative relaxation, deceleration and inner peace – all this is made possible by the patented lounge8 high-end swinging lounger through natural and even stimulation of the body.

Designed for the new deceleration
 "When body, mind and soul come into harmony again, we speak of resonance; then we experience the floating lightness of being, the rhythm of life... then peace returns".


Immediate relaxation and inner peace

The specially developed oscillation rhythm of the lounge8 lounger has a calming effect on brain activities and enables rapid mental and physical relaxation as well as regeneration and deceleration after strenuous demands at work and in everyday life. You will become calmer and more relaxed, have more mental clarity and become mentally more powerful.


Health-promoting design

The S-shaped ergonomics developed by certified physiotherapists and the wide contact surface of the lying surface relieve the strain on the cardiovascular system and noticeably stabilise the entire supporting apparatus. An integrated, flexible wooden slatted frame made of natural beech and the generously dimensioned lying surface absorb pressure sensations, ensure optimum weight pressure compensation and guarantee maximum lying comfort.


Simple operation

No electricity, no motor – the lounge8 wellness lounger consists of a highly sensitive mechanical spring construction, which is set into a perceptible vibration only by the smallest rhythmic body impulses or by breathing. A pure maintenance-free mechanism with excellent manufacturing quality, fine materials and a timelessly beautiful design.

How it works

lounge8 is powered by the slightest body movement and works completely without batteries, without electricity and without a motor. Adjustment of the Stressless lounger to the individual body weight is achieved simply by turning the two side handwheels forwards or backwards.



Breathe in, and breathe out – the lounge8 relaxation lounger is only moved into a perceptible meditative vibration by slight rhythmic movement impulses of the body or by breathing. Via natural body perception – similar to a toddler on a tree swing – you intuitively enter the rhythm of vibration. Through this playful approach, stressed people automatically take their focus away from thinking and start focusing on body perception.



Swinging. Through the interaction between rhythmic body impulses/movements and vibrations, brain activities are demonstrably calmed in a completely natural way similar to hypnosis or meditation, initiating the relaxation process. Worries and the feeling of being inwardly rushed dissolve after a short time.



Floating. Through repeated "lounging" our brain re-learns, in a playful way, to control relaxation processes, and thus enables states of consciousness of deep trance-like relaxation phases. Repetitions consolidate the neuronal effect of immersing yourself in this trusting, calm state of consciousness and abandoning the "control impulses" that have built up over decades. When using the lounge8, we call these meditative relaxation experiences "floating".

What lounge8 users say