Frequently Asked Questions


What models are available?

There is currently one model in two configurations:

The BASIC equipment (BASIC system) includes the lounge8 lounger in synthetic leather, lounge8 BASIC app (Android BS), operating instructions, dust cover. The synthetic leather upholstery is available in 18 colors => lounge8_BASIC_Farbkarte

The PREMIUM equipment (PREMIUM system) includes the lounge8 lounger in real leather, lounge8 PREMIUM app (Android BS) multifunctional pillow, operating instructions, dust cover.
The real leather upholstery is available in over 100 colors => lounge8_PREMIUM_Farbkarte

What accessories are available?

The following can also be ordered:

– Transparent foot cover
– Multifunctional pillow


How much does lounge8 cost?

Das lounge8 Entspannungssystem besteht aus der lounge8 Liege, lounge8 app, Massleiste, Schmutzschutzhülle und Bedienungsanleitung ist inkl. Transport und Verpackung erhältlich. Here kannst Du ganz unverbindlich den Preis anfragen.

Can I rent lounge8?

Yes – You may rent lounge8 for a minimum period of 2 weeks or longer. In addition we offer a very attractive hire-purchase option. Here you can request an offer for renting and/or hire-purchase the lounge8 system.

Can I lease lounge8?

Yes - we offer leasing finance for companies, tradespeople and self-employed people in the EU. Here you can request an offer for leasing the lounge8 system.


Where and how can I test or try lounge8?

You may test lounge8 in our lounge8 studio in Rebstein, Switzerland from Monday to Friday, 9-18 o’clock. Please contact us here, to fix an appointment.

You can also easily and comfortably test lounge8 at your home, in your practice or in your business premises.
Here you can register for a test free of charge and without obligation.

You may also visit us during several fairs, congresses, conventions and events. Please find our updated events on our website and on our social media channels.


Do you ship lounge8 to my country?

We ship lounge8 within Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland/Liechtenstein (CH/FL). International shipping is made based on previous agreement.

How much does the shipping & packaging cost?

Shipping costs within Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Liechtenstein costs CHF 240,00 (DAP) all in and excl. VAT
Packaging costs CHF 50,00 excl. VAT

Does the lounge8 lounger come assembled?

Yes, lounge8 is delivered in one piece. It can be taken apart in two major pieces (lying surface & sub-construction).

How big/heavy is the transport box?

Transport carton incl. cover: 183cm x 66cm x 90cm - Gross-weight: 50 kg
                             + One-way wooden pallet: 190cm x 80cm x 13cm - Weight: 10 kg
Total weight: 60 kg

What is the delivery time?

Depending on the ordered equipment and the date of payment receipt the delivery time is about three weeks.

Will I be informed of the delivery date?

Yes, if you wish, you will be informed of the delivery date by our shipping partner.



How much space do I need to install lounge8?

The space should be at least 1,50 m x 2,50 m

How big is lounge8?

190cm(L) x 64cm(B) x 88cm(H)

What is the weight of lounge8?


Can I dismount lounge8?

lounge8 may be dismounted into two components, which is the lying surface and the sub-construction. A disassembling of the sub-construction is not allowed. ATTENTION: the suspension of the sub-construction is under pretension. Please find further details in our manual, which is enclosed in each transport box.

For which body weights is it possible to swing in the lounge8?

The swinging function is possible for users with a body weight from ca. 50 to 120 kg. Users (e.g. youngsters or children) with a body weight of less than 50 kg can fix an additional weight (e.g. a weight wristband) in the top area of the lying surface. By that, people with less weight can also swing on the lounge8.

What is the users maximum weight?

Ca. 120kg


Is a paid service or periodic maintenance necessary?

No, no external maintenance is required.
However, we recommend checking the screws of the moving parts with an Allen key at regular intervals and tightening them if necessary.


What warranties are offered?

The period of warranty is 2 years. The warranty of original lounge8 parts are guaranteed according to the recommended terms of references of warranty of the EU. Please find further details in the manual attached to the shipment.

Is there a manual which describes how to use the lounge8?

Yes, a print of the manual is included in each shipment of lounge8.


Which lounge8 apps are there?

The BASIC app and the PREMIUM app are currently available.

What is the difference between BASIC and PREMIUM app?

Both apps have the same basic functionality.
The PREMIUM app also has an extended selection of natural sounds and a timer function for lounge8 sessions of different durations.

Does the lounge8 app work with the iphone?

No. We currently do not offer the app in the IOS operating system and therefore cannot be installed on the iphone.
Installation is possible on all other smartphones with an Android operating system (OS).

How can I get the lounge8 app?

You may download the lounge8 app free of charge in Google Play Store .

How do I activate the lounge8 app?

Take a look at our lounge8 app video here .

How is the function of the lounge8 app?

The lounge8 app consists of the lounge8 coach including several natural soundscapes and background soundscapes. The lounge8 app detects the actual cadence of the oscillation movement by the sensors of your smartphone. Then the app software modulates the available natural soundscapes into a rhythmic louder-softer natural sound, which has an auditive hypnotic effect.

Does the lounge8 app also work without a lounge8 lounger?

No – the software of the app is programmed according to the oscillation frequency of lounge8. So the app operates perfectly only in combination with lounge8.

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