Professional lounger for the health sector

No motor, no plug, no battery, brought into motion only by gentle movement of your body: the art of engineering guarantees a meditative, floating experience that's great for your health.

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The perfect relaxation solution for health professionals

The patented lounge8 was made for professional use and enables immediate meditative relaxation through the natural, gentle stimulation of oscillation.

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Professional Use

Meditative relaxation to help one's health is the mental basis for the success of every form of therapy. Whether as an independent relaxation and deceleration therapy for use together with psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, or addiction treatment or as an ideal relaxation solution to accompany most conventional forms of therapy.
lounge8 is the new, innovative solution for rapid mental relaxation and regeneration: before, during, and/or after each treatment.


Users experience a feeling of immediate relaxation and serenity. By focusing on the perception of their own bodies as they rock, they are stabilizing the vegetative nervous system in a completely natural way. The patient experiences a state of weightlessness and inner calm during therapy.


lounge8 is the exclusive and innovative therapy lounger developed for rapid relaxation and deceleration
  • extensive training not required
  • no additional personnel needed
  • easy to set up
  • no technical or structural adaptations
  • no maintenance costs

No motors, no plugs, no batteries. This purely mechanical therapy lounger is only set in motion by means of the body's gentle oscillation motion or breathing. Exquisite engineering paired with outstanding craftsmanship, fine materials, and a timeless design.


How it works

lounge8 is powered by the slightest body movement and works completely without batteries, without electricity and without a motor. Adjustment of the Stressless lounger to the individual body weight is achieved simply by turning the two side handwheels forwards or backwards.



The lounge8 relaxation lounger is only moved into a perceptible meditative vibration by slight rhythmic movement impulses of the body
or by breathing. Via natural body perception – similar to a toddler on a tree swing – you intuitively enter the rhythm of vibration.
Through this playful approach, stressed people automatically take their focus away from thinking and start focusing on body perception.



Through the interaction between rhythmic body impulses/movements and vibrations, brain activities are demonstrably calmed in a completely natural way similar to hypnosis or meditation, initiating the relaxation process.
Worries and the feeling of being inwardly rushed dissolve after a short time.



Floating. Through repeated "lounging" our brain re-learns, in a playful way, to control relaxation processes, and thus enables states of consciousness of deep trance-like relaxation phases. Repetitions consolidate the neuronal effect of immersing yourself in this trusting, calm state of consciousness and abandoning the "control impulses" that have built up over decades. When using the lounge8, we call these meditative relaxation experiences "floating".


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