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    Procedure and content of trial lounges


    Exactly where you imagine lounge8 - right at your home or in your practice, in your company, in your office, in a fitness, wellness & spa, rehabilitation or health facility.


    Whenever you want, the year has 365 days - we are sure to find a common date.


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     Roland Bachstein
    Creator lounge8

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    All right or do you have any questions?

    Does the trial lounge cost anything?

    Your personal trial lounge appointment at your home - including, if desired, a short introduction to the world of relaxation techniques by an accredited mental coach - is completely non-binding and only costs a small fee of Fr. 100 (excl. VAT), which will be fully refunded when you purchase a lounge8 becomes.

    How long does a trial lounge appointment last?

    The trial lounge appointment lasts around an hour on average.

    How does such a trial lounge work?

    Casual and informal. We come to you, briefly discuss where lounge8 will be set up, set up the lounger in the desired location within approx. 10 minutes, explain in a nutshell how lounge8 works and you can start with the trial lounges. We can answer all your personal questions.

    Can other people participate?

    Of course! Whether family members, friends, acquaintances or work colleagues. Our experience shows that the trial lounging, especially within a group, usually leads to a very humorous and chilled-out atmosphere and thus very often represents a welcome change in the realm of carefree relaxation.

    Why does the trial lounges take place in my home or at a lounge8 business partner?

    Because lounging in your personal environment gives you an unadulterated and authentic impression of the relaxation effect of lounge8. You can immediately try out and compare different positions or locations in your personal environment.

    How much does lounge8 cost?

    The lounge8 relaxation system consisting of the lounge8 lounger, lounge8 app, dimension bar, dirt protection cover and operating instructions is available from Fr. 6'690.- / EUR 6'390.- plus transport, packaging and VAT.
    Here you can request a detailed offer without obligation. Non-binding quote request
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