Downloads for the relaxation system

The lounge8 training app and specially created and composed lounge8 soundfiles are the perfect aid to lead to a playful induction of mental relaxation and regeneration.

lounge8 app

The perfect companion for lounge8!

The lounge8 app includes a lounge8 trainer and relaxation sounds. Various natural sounds (e.g. wind noise, singing bowls, etc.) can be selected in the lounge8 trainer.

With the motion sensors of a smartphone the app recognizes the actual oscillation movement when swinging with the lounge8 and starts to play chosen natural soundscapes in the same rhythm.

The result is a fantastic trance-relaxation, to release the here and now and to come into a state of inner peace...

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lounge8 sound files are created based on the principle of consistent stimulation. They are specially adapted for the specific swing frequencies of lounge8. They only take full effect in combination with lounge8 and support the individual phases of relaxation and revitalization perfectly.

Audio samples

Download lounge8 sounds

    To have the best experience, you should only use high-quality headphones when listening to the lounge8 sound files. This way, the deeply relaxing bass frequencies, the samples of natural instruments and healing sounds as well as the 3D audio effects fully unfold.