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Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin figure of speech. It means: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. We live in an overstimulated world. During our daily routines, we often find ourselves in situations that create fatigue, stress and overstimulation. This can often lead to exhaustion and lack of motivation. This was the original idea of the inventor and visionary Roland Bachstein. Sparking the power of the mind using monotonous stimulation of all senses to get back to a healthy balanced pace of life.

lounge8 calms brain activities on the basis of the principle of monotonous stimulation through specific cadences, speeds, and paces as known from meditation and hypnosis. With the help of a specially developed oscillation movement to intensify the brain activity around the 8 Hertz range (Alpha and Theta State) lounge8 promotes in playful manner the physical and mental relaxation. By regular application of lounge8 our brain learns again to relax mentally and increases personal efficiency sustainably.

States of consciousness in the Alpha State 12-8 Hz promote:

• gentle relaxation
• subconscious learning
• enhanced creativity
• visualization

States of consciousness in the Theta State 8-4 Hz promote

• deep relaxation
• improved memory
• enhanced autosuggestion
• meditation

Brain activities can be evaluated by Electroencephalography (EEG) and are measured in Hertz (Hz). Hz is the physical measuring unit for frequency which is measured in oscillations per second. 1 Hz = 1 oscillation per second.


lounge8 is set swinging through slight motions of the body or small weight shifts in a playful manner. Every user can individually specify the intensity of swinging.


The slight monotonous swings lead to an immediate feeling of relaxation. The process of stress relief and mental regeneration has begun. More calmness and serenity in everyday life.


The deep relaxation begins after reaching the Theta State. It is scientifically proven that you will already recover in this slightly floating state in just 10-15 minutes, meanwhile efficiently relieving the accrued stress. You will feel rested and renewed. Regular use of lounge8 promotes the brain activity in the Alpha and Theta State. You learn again to relax mentally.

For me, lounge8 is an ideal lounge chair in the therapeutic setting to achieve a deep state of relaxation, because patients are guided in an easy and natural way to an inner journey and the body perception is sensitized in a playful manner.
Dipl. Psych. Andreas Richter, Psychologist
Oberammergau, Germany
lounge8 is a contemporary product, which may not only be placed in trendy spa-areas of health-care facilities and wellness hotels or in surgeries of doctors and therapists, but also in the private sphere. In our present high speed age, the creation of lounge8, which enables smart deep relaxation is right on cue.
Vera Purtscher, Designer /Architect
Heebrugg, Switzerland
lounge8 is a mechanical masterpiece. There is a point, where the user and lounge8 become one, where body movement and oscillation movement form a resonance. This is the beginning of complete relaxation and mental lucidity.
Gerhard Pirolt, Psychologist
Guttaring, Austria
Everyone who challenges his body with sportive activities must take care of sufficient and high-quality regeneration. The interaction of activity and relaxation becomes more and more difficult in our fast moving age. lounge8 applies the right lever in this aspect, it guides the body back into the natural balance by floating movements and to a focus on a calm and relaxed breathing.
Manuel Hofer, Sports Physiotherapist Olympic Centre Vorarlberg
Lustenau, Austria
Targeted mental training may be a key factor to reach the sportive goals of a professional athlete. I personally use lounge8 both for mental relaxation training and for visualization training of so-called FLOW-moments. lounge8 allows me to come easier and more often from the outside world to my inner world. By means of the monotonous swinging linked with my breath frequency I can get quicker into my desired state of consciousness and I can remain there substantially longer. I recommend lounge8 to all athletes, who pursue a holistic training concept to support mental training in an optimum manner.
Peter Jehle, Professional Footballer, Country's Most Capped Player
Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein
I have been working for more than 20 years as a HR manager and communication trainer. One of the present main topics of my clients is the challenge of strong mental strain and stress at work. More and more people find it difficult to relax and regenerate mentally. lounge8 is an elaborated and very efficient mental training system, which enables contributors in an easy way to achieve full mental relaxation within 10-15 minutes and to «reset» mentally again. This is very important to be efficient, creative and finally to be successful. I am delighted.
Melanie Heinz, Self-employed Personnel Consultant, Trainer and Coach
Glauburg, Germany
In my work an emphasis is placed on dealing with the question of the preconditions resp. of the optimum framework conditions for excellence in sport and business. And this is always also a question of «power training of mind». In a world of «always on» especially in the business life, islands of peace and time-outs are basic conditions beside highly concentrated work. lounge8 is an excellent tool to generate such time-outs in the sense of a quick mental regeneration. I use lounge8 again and again in my daily work.
Dr. Christian Uhl, IEP/Institut for Extraordinary Performance
Frastanz, Austria
lounge8 has persuaded us, because it supports the self-awareness in the style of hypnotic and neurofeedback, so in a sense of rhythmic autosuggestion. The consequent mechanical implementation of the lounge8, the solid and high quality materials and the reduced design set a harmonic focus on our therapeutic treatment of patients entrusted to us.
Dr. med. Marc Risch, FAMH Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and Medical Director of the Clinicum Alpinum
Triesenberg/Gaflei, Principality of Liechtenstein
I tested lounge8 after a challenging working day for the first time. I was fascinated about the very short time to come into a state of relaxation and I could experience the floating soon. Another highlight for me is the attractive design of lounge8.
Mag. Ulrike Fenkart, Director Bundesgymnasium Lustenau
Hohenems, Austria

Mental Regeneration

You set lounge8 swinging with just the slightest motions of your body. The easy setting mechanism enables evenly clocked swinging and a unique, relaxing stimulation of the senses. You will evidently activate your own power of self-regulation in this state of relaxation. You will improve your own body perception and thereby advance your physical and mental regeneration. Mental relaxation is a priority in order to prevent burnouts. Just 10-15 minutes of “breath-swing-float” a day enhances your resistance to stress and your resilience over the long term. You will be more calm and relaxed in everyday life. You will be more efficient and have an increased mental clarity as well as a better body perception.

Ergonomic Design

The lying surface of lounge8 is ergonomically formed to elevate the legs to the level of the heart and thereby relieve the entire cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, the spine, the pelvis and the knee joints are being stabilized and relaxed thanks to the curved s-shape. In addition, an integrated, flexible slatted frame made from beech wood ensures an optimal distribution of the weight and absorbs pressure perception. The lymphatic drainage which is the removal of waste substances from the metabolic process, is promoted with the help of a noticeably large contact face at the rear thighs and at the back of the knees. The very gentle swinging which is prompted by small motions of the body in this passive resting position surprises pleasantly and makes for a noticeably natural recreation.

Easy To Use

Lie down on the lying surface and adjust your center of gravity (in the range of 55-120 kg) with the handwheel until you swing freely in your lying position. After an initial setting-in period in which you get a feel for the swinging and let yourself go mentally, you can start with controlling the gentle up-and-down swinging of lounge8 through slight, rhythmic motions of your body or even through abdominal breathing. Take your time and fully trust your own feeling. After some sessions, you will enjoy the unconscious play with swinging and thus reach a state of complete relaxation within a short time.

Mental Regeneration
Ergonomic Design
Easy To Use

Technical Specifications

Lying surface: aluminum frame, cushioning with integrated slatted frame • substructure: patented aluminum structure consisting of two c-shaped skids for suspension and an adjustable carriage with handwheel for weight settings • covering: synthetic leather – water-repellent, lightfast, color black • weight: 45 kg • dimensions: (L x W x H): 190 x 64 x 88 cm • maximum weight: 120 kg

A product from the border triangle Lake Constance


All lounge8 sound files are created based on the principle of consistent stimulation. They are specially adapted for the specific swing frequencies of lounge8. They only take full effect in combination with lounge8 and support the individual phases of relaxation and revitalization perfectly.

lounge8 theme


cloud theme

To have the best experience, you should only use high-quality headphones when listening to the lounge8 sound files. This way, the deeply relaxing bass frequencies, the samples of natural instruments and healing sounds as well as the 3D audio effects fully unfold.

lounge8 app

The perfect companion for lounge8!

The lounge8 coach and specially created and composed lounge8 soundfiles are the perfect aid to lead to a playful induction of mental relaxation and regeneration.

By the means of the motion sensors of a smartphone, natural soundscapes are modulated louder and softer in the cadence of the oscillation movement. It makes it easy to lead into a fantastic trance-relaxation, to release the here and now and to come into a state of inner peace.

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Contact us for further information about lounge 8.

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Roland Bachstein

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Frequently asked questions

Is lounge8 already on the market?

Yes, lounge8 relaxation systems are available Here you can request your system.

What is included in the lounge8 system?

The system includes the lounge8, lounge8 app (Android software), manual, protection cover white. The lounge8 app can be downloaded by your smartphone (Android, e.g. Samsung S5, S6, etc.). Earphones or HiFi boxes are not included in the set.

Can I test or try lounge8?

Yes – of course. You may test lounge8 in our lounge8 studio in Rebstein, Switzerland from Monday to Friday, 9-18 o`clock. Please contact us via to fix an appointment. You may also visit us during several fairs, congresses, conventions and events in the upcoming period. Please find our updated events on our website and on our social media channels

Can I rent or lease lounge8?

Yes – You may rent lounge8 for a minimum period of 2 weeks or longer and you may lease it. Here you can request an offer for renting and/or leasing the lounge8 system.

Do you ship lounge8 to my country?

We ship lounge8 within Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland/Liechtenstein (CH/FL). International shipping is made based on previous agreement.

How much does the shipping & packaging cost?

Shipping costs within Germany and Austria are EUR 130,00 (DAP) all in and excl. VAT
Packaging costs is EUR 40,00 excl. VAT
Shipping costs within Switzerland and Liechtenstein costs CHF 156,00 (DAP) all in and excl. VAT
Packaging costs CHF 50,00 excl. VAT

Is lounge8 shipped fully mounted?

Yes, lounge8 is delivered in one piece. It can be taken apart in two major pieces (lying surface & sub-construction).

How big/heavy is the transport box?

Transport carton incl. cover: 185cm x 684cm x 895cm - Gross-weight: 50 kg
  + One-way wooden pallet: 185cm x 685cm x 13cm - Weight: 30 kg
Total weight: 80 kg

What is the delivery time?

Depending on the date of order and date of payment receipt the delivery time is about two to three weeks.

How much space do I need to install lounge8?

The space should be at least 1,50 m x 2,50 m

How big is lounge8?

64cm x 190cm x 88cm

What is the weight of lounge8?


Can I dismount lounge8?

lounge8 may be dismounted into two components, which is the lying surface and the sub-construction. A disassembling of the sub-construction is not allowed. ATTENTION: the suspension of the sub-construction is under pretension. Please find further details in our manual, which is enclosed in each transport box.

For which body weights is it possible to swing in the lounge8?

The swinging function is possible for users with a body weight from ca. 50 to 120 kg. Users (e.g. youngsters or children) with a body weight of less than 50 kg can fix an additional weight (e.g. a weight wristband) in the top area of the lying surface. By that, people with less weight can also swing on the lounge8.

What is the users maximum weight?

Ca 120kg

lounge8 app
How can I get the lounge8 app?

You may download the lounge8 app free of charge in Google Play Store.

How do I activate the lounge8 app?

Connect your smartphone with your headset or with your HiFi device by using a connection cable or Bluetooth. Switch on your lounge8 app. The first page will show you a quick start of the app. Read the quick start and press again your screen. Your lounge8 app is now ready to start.

How is the function of the lounge8 app?

The lounge8 app consists of the lounge8 coach including several natural soundscapes and background soundscapes. The lounge8 app detects the actual cadence of the oscillation movement by the sensors of your smartphone. Then the app software modulates the available natural soundscapes into a rhythmic louder-softer natural sound, which has an auditive hypnotic effect.

Does the lounge8 app also operate without lounge8?

No – the software of the app is programmed according to the range of frequencies of lounge8. So the app operates perfectly only in combination with lounge8.


The period of warranty is 2 years. The warranty of original lounge8 parts are guaranteed according to the recommended terms of references of warranty of the EU. Please find further details in the manual attached to the shipment.

Is there a manual which describes how to use the lounge8?

Yes, a print of the manual is included in each shipment of lounge8.